Governance & Board Development

A strong, well functioning board can make an organization truly great. Great boards provide good governance, hold themselves accountable for the overall health of the organization and use their expertise to provide advice and support the organization’s work. They enable the organization’s staff to focus on effectively implementing its mission and managing the organization.

MMP Associates works with boards and chief executives in providing the following services:

  • Board member selection, board orientation and retreats
  • Board development and engagement plans
  • Board self-assessment
  • Board-guided CEO assessment
  • Executive Coaching for Board Chairs and CEOs
  • Executive Search Processes

Learn more about MMP Associate's approach in our article entitled "Governing the Nonprofit Organization".

MMP Associates has been the impetus for transformational change on our board. They initially assisted us with strategic planning, which blossomed into ongoing board development and training that has ignited our board to become a more engaged and effective governing body.
— Jaime D.H. Dunham, Paul Public Charter School